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Now that you've decided on a career in real estate, the company you choose to work with will be vital to your success.

At RE/MAX Great Basin Realty most of our agents have come from the old way of doing things type companies. They have found it much easier to get started in this business with an approach like ours, stay actively busy, have a successful career (especially in these ever changing economic times), all while keeping much more of their commissions they earn.

Many times you will be told a company has a training program when in fact what they are teaching is how to around the office etc. This is not the case with RE/MAX Great Basin Realty. It is about the client and their goals. If we do what is best for our clients, then in the end we are always taken care of. That is our culture at  RE/MAX Great Basin Realty

In the past, RE/MAX Great Basin Realty has been reluctant to hire brand new agents, but because of our growth we have now decided it is important for us to do so. We are actually above last years sells and growing.  Thus, the need for new agents.  Folks do not want to pay the higher commissions and with our approach many find it to be just as we say... fair. If you want to survive in this business, you've got to get the listings, then buyers and more business will come.

In the past we have told new agents to get some sales with another company, build the experience, and then come back to talk with us. As a result, we have seen some very good people who we felt would be excellent agents but they drop totally out of the business because they became very frustrated and felt abandoned despite the sales pitch the other company initially had given them. You are dropped into a pool of seasoned agents in a large office and you are on your own. RE/MAX Great Basin Realty was founded to offer the public, and agents, avenues they have never been able to take advantage of before.

So, recognizing our growth and the need for new agents, we created a full time corporate training position in our company and filled it with Heather Andrews.

RE/MAX Great Basin Realty has been in business since 2013,   We have opened the door to new agents who we feel we can bring along to be as successful as they want to be. Your success is everyone's success at RE/MAX Great Basin Realty. We have a strong number of leads coming into our company to help agents get started, but we never want you to solely rely on office leads alone.

If you would like to talk with us, please contact Heather Andrews at 775-623-0500 or for a confidential consultation.  If it becomes apparent that you would be an asset for the RE/MAX Great Basin Realty team, Michael Andrews, our Broker and owner will sit down with you personally to discuss how your addition could be a success for everyone.

Our independent contractor agreement would start you on a 60/40 split for your first five closed transactions.  Heather will be with you for support, and to answer questions.  Michael is also available for you as any of our agents will tell you. Once you have completed five closings then you would be out of the training phase. However, if you felt like you needed more training, you will always have the support of the Broker and your fellow agents in the office. We would also move you to a 70/30 split.  We think you should be paid on experience level, unlike most companies where your split is decided by how much you make for the firm each year.  Then if you were to have a bad year you could go right back down to the bottom and have to work your way back up. We lock you in so you do not have to worry about losing your split level.  We also have a 95/5 split program that you can work your way up to as well. Ask for details.

Appropriate training and the culture of the company you work for is very important.  We are committed to providing this for you. Our culture at RE/MAX Great Basin Realty has always been about creating long lasting relationships with our clients. Each client is a resource to our future and creating a long lasting relationship with them is vital to everybody's success. We have talked to so many sellers who really like their past agent, but once they found out there was an alternative to the normal or average real estate companies in the area.  They called us.  They gave us the chance to work with them and create a long standing relationship.

You most likely have been approached by many companies, but if you are really looking for a company that you will be a valuable part of, not just another agent, you should really contact us. It may be a great fit for both sides.


We are always more than happy to talk with seasoned agents and would love to talk with you as well about our company and our culture. If your considering a change, contact Heather Andrews at 775-623-0500 ext. 103 or to see if we both think it would be a good fit, and if so, what we need to do to get you to join a winning company.

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