Agent Career Opportunities
 If you are looking for a change, or considering becoming a REALTOR, you owe it to yourself to contact us and set up a confidential interview. Don't make a mistake by not including us in your discussions to see if you are a fit for RE/MAX Great Basin Realty, and if we a fit for you.  Like all Real Estate companies, RE/MAX Great Basin Realty is always open to hiring seasoned agents.  Equally, with our new agent training program, which is unlike any other Real Estate firm in our area, we are also open to hiring new agents to our firm, like most.  
But we have a true training program to help new agents succeed. Check out the new agent training link under the "Meet Our Team" tab.  
 If you are new to the business, a full time start may not be possible for you.  We understand this and are still open to talking with you. The vast majority of our agents are full time, but we understand not everyone can just jump into this full time from the start. Our career opportunities, however, are unlike most firms. We will not just hire any agent.  We want to make sure an agent that works for RE/MAX Great Basin Realty, and our clients, share in the culture of our company. That culture, which comes from the top, clearly conveys a "do what is best for our clients and we will always be fine" approach.  

RELATIONSHIP AGENTS VERSUS TRANSACTION AGENTS: At RE/MAX Great Basin Realty we talk about two kinds of agents: Relationship Agents or Transactional Agents. RE/MAX Great Basin Realty feels there are too many Transactional Agents out there. A Transactional Agent is an agent who believes in  "just get the deal to closing".  They may or may not do what is best for their clients.  But, in most cases, they do what is best for them just to "get it to closing" - even at the expense of their clients trust and sometimes money. A Relationship Agent, which is what we strongly encourage, is an agent who does what is best for their client and tells the truth,  Even though sometimes that is not popular, it is the best way to support our clients.  A Relationship Agent is not scared to tell our client to walk away from a home/deal. A Relationship agent is someone who puts their clients needs first because they know if we take care of our client, then everything else will fall into place as it should.    In the end, if you are looking for a career in real estate, or you are a seasoned agent who has been around and you are looking to make a change, and you have decided you want to charge your client a fair commission, please send a confidential email to or call us at 775.623.0500 RE/MAX Great Basin Realty is structured in a way, to give support to our agents to get the business, offer their clients a fair commission, and create a long term relationship that will help them have a long lasting career in this wonderful world of real estate.
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